Abnormal Load

Transporting an abnormal load requires specialist driving and lashing skills, knowledge of rules and regulations relating to the transportation of oversized loads, and superb project management. With two and half decades of experience arranging and executing abnormal load transportation across Europe, we can say with certainty that we have these skills in abundance. Your oversized cargo is in safe and reliable hands when you choose to work with us, De Lange Speciaal Transport company. 

Abnormal Load Transportation 

As specialists in transporting cargo with oversized dimensions, we're ready to move whatever it is you need moving. As a member of the international Capelle transport group, we have constant access to a modern fleet of specialized vehicles. These vehicles can handle all sorts of oversized and abnormal loads, from cranes to tunnel boring machines and much more. When you work with us, our administrative team can take care of all the details of the transportation on your behalf, and we can also handle customs arrangements and the loading and unloading of cargo using our own cranes. Our drivers are all experienced in unusual and abnormal load transportation and feel at home driving anywhere in Europe. They receive continuous training to make sure their skills conform to the highest standards and assuring transportation is carried out safely and effectively.

Abnormal Load de Lange Transport

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Abnormal Load Permits

With a long history of working in the heavy transport industry, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the transport of an abnormal load across every country in Europe. What's more, we have been issued long-term transport permits throughout Europe, which means we don't have to wait months for permits to be granted and can get your cargo moving fast. 

Urgent Transport Service

Thanks to our long-term transport permits, we are able to accommodate urgent transport requests, delivering abnormal loads to their destination rapidly and punctually. No matter how impossible your deadline might seem, get in touch with us as it is quite probable we can arrange transport for your oversized load faster than you think. Find out more about our urgent transport service here

Abnormal Load de Lange Transport

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Abnormal Loads by Sea and Air

Given our extensive network and numerous professional partners, we are also able to offer sea and air transport, should your abnormal load require it. We are located close to two of Europe's busiest ports: Antwerp and Rotterdam. Our local knowledge ensures transportation through these ports goes quickly and smoothly. What's more, through our network, we're in contact with ports all over Europe and can easily make arrangements for your cargo to be delivered anywhere on the continent.

De Lange Special Transport: Experts in Abnormal Load Transportation

We believe in offering the highest standard of service possible to our customers, with a focus on safety and ensuring speedy delivery. As a family run business, we maintain short lines of communication between ourselves and our customers, guaranteeing clear communication throughout the transportation project.Get in touch with us today to discuss your transport requirements and we'll let you know if it is possible within just a few minutes. 

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