Road, sea and air transport

About de Lange Transport

De Lange Speciaal Transport is a transport and forwarding company for international road transport and other types of transport for shipments with oversized dimensions. We have been issued with long-term transport permits throughout Europe. This means that you do not have to wait months to obtain the correct licences but that we can arrange special transport for you within a short space of time. 

We focus on quality, service, and safety in addition to a speedy service. We are creditworthy and have access to a young, modern fleet with a wide range of vehicles. We feel at home all over Europe and can arrange all aspects of your shipment, including the administration, customs matters, loading and unloading with our own cranes, and insurance. We make sure this is done safely and efficiently. Our drivers receive continuous training and are experienced in special transport. 

Our history

De Lange Speciaal Transport started out as a family business in 1995. The specific characteristics of a family business, such as a flat organization with short lines and clear communication, are still very much evident. Do you need transport quickly? You’ll know if and when it will be possible within just a few minutes. In 2017, we became part of the Capelle transport group and make optimum use of the many advantages that this large organization offers.

Thanks to the group’s vast network of locations in the Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, and the UK, we have access to a wide range of equipment. We literally have everything we need for any transport request, can get to any location in Europe quickly at any time, and we offer market rates.

Road, sea, and air transport

Is your destination difficult to get to by road in time? No problem! De Lange Speciaal Transport can also offer sea and air transport via its own network and its external partners. Thanks to many years of experience in freight forwarding, we can engage the help of a large and reliable network. De Lange Speciaal Transport is also situated close to two of Europe’s main ports: Antwerp and Rotterdam. These ports feel like home to us, we visit them every day, and we are familiar with the rules and particular arrangements. This helps to ensure a smooth and speedy transport process. 


Do you need transport quickly?

Contact us and you’ll know if and when it will be possible within just a few minutes. 

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