Road, sea and air transport
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Urgent Transport

De Lange Speciaal Transport specializes in urgent transport. Our organization is set up so that we can offer a solution for almost any ad hoc challenge. Do you have a seemingly impossible transport request? Please contact De Lange Speciaal Transport. It is often possible for us to organize transport for your oversized load.  

Our vast network across Europe

De Lange Speciaal Transport is part of the Capelle transport group. This means that we have access to a huge range of equipment, stationed at the group’s own locations throughout Europe. We can therefore take on any request, however large or small, and can quickly reach any point in Europe at any time. 

Collaborative partners

Thanks to our many years of experience in freight forwarding, we also have a large network of collaborative partners, both for transport by road as well as for sea and air transport and handling. This further increases our options and capacities. 

At home in Europe

We transport oversized loads across Europe every day. We are very familiar with the roads, viaducts, tunnels, and other special traffic situations and can determine the most appropriate route for your shipment quickly and effortlessly. We also stay updated on the latest situation in terms of regulations and roadworks. This enables us to avoid surprises and guarantee an expeditious shipment. 

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Permits already issued

De Lange Speciaal Transport has been issued with a wide range of long-term permits in Europe. This means that we can often schedule your urgent and other transport requests immediately and you do not have to contend with unnecessary delays. Furthermore, we work with reliable agents and government contacts to expedite the issuance of permits.


De Lange Speciaal Transport has built a strong name for itself as the go-to partner for your logistical problems. We offer optimal logistical solutions at an acceptable price. We would like to maintain this reputation. 



We would like to share an example to illustrate what we can offer in terms of urgent transport. Let’s say that you need to move a crane to a new location within two days. De Lange Speciaal Transport will arrange it for you.

We can provide the required equipment – such as 50 trailers – to transport the crane in sections. We also take care of the paperwork and customs matters and provide experienced drivers and our own hoisting equipment for handling activities. We can organize the complete logistics chain within two days. 


What do you want to have transported urgently? Just let us know and we will make sure that it is done. 

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